FLOWERING TIME: 63-70 days


THC: 20-24% / CBD: n.a. / CBN: n.a.

GENETICS: Chemdawg 91 x Super Skunk

Sour Diesel has an intense taste and aroma with notes of lemon, exotic wood, diesel fuel and spices.

The effect is powerful, very relaxing and long-lasting.

9-10 weeks, with a yield of up to 600 g/m².

A production up to 750 g/plant. Medium-sized, branched, bushy plant.


Sour Diesel delivers a cross between a high quality indica and a large production diesel of Mexican origin.

The resulting buds have a strong citrus-lemon flavor and a pungent lemon/diesel fuel smell. Thanks to its indica lineage, Sour Diesel matures faster than a traditional diesel plant. The high is long-lasting and euphoric. Sour Diesel has good yields and relatively compact buds for a sativa. Works well in a green sea.

We’ve been working on our Sour Diesel in its feminized form for a long time to stabilize it. Finding the right phenotype wasn’t easy as there are so many variations of this strain. We tried to find the most intensely smelling and aromatic plant, but also a specimen with excellent performance. After several attempts we finally got what we were looking for. A plant that has the lemony gasoline smell and all the properties of the original version. It works well in a Sea of ​​Green environment. This is one of the best genetics on the open market and the perfect plant for all garden lovers.

Like many of the best strains to hit the market today, Sour Diesel hails straight from California. She is the favorite of many smokers and growers. These powerful American genetics do well indoors all over the world, when grown outdoors they need a warm climate similar to California or Spain.

This is a predominantly sativa strain, which shows in her growth structure and in the powerful high effect upon consumption. The plant develops its resinous buds and strong aroma over a 10-week flowering period.

Sour Diesel is a very hot aromatic strain. The sparkling buds deliver strong chemical, grassy, ​​and sour aromas. When cultivated well, it yields a harvest of 450-600 grams per square meter. The harvest is excellent both quantitatively and qualitatively, with the plant producing high-quality, resinous and aromatic buds. Full diesel power!

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