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Organic Cannabis cuttings

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100% Organic

Organic plants - no chemicals

Selected seeds

Selected best quality cannabis seeds

100% Female

All cuttings are 100% female

Organic premium CANNABIS cuttings

Premuim Cannabis cuttings with weed
SIAM-CUTTINGS Premuim Organic Cannabis cuttings
High quality Cannabis cuttings with weed

SIAM-CUTTINGS stands for quality

100% LEGAL

Our hemp cuttings can be bought legally online and offline. We have all the necessary permits.


We choose our products according to the highest quality standards. Only the best cuttings of the highest quality leave the house.


Our herbal hemp products are 100% organic. / Biological Seed Cube / Organic soil / organic fertilizer.

EU seed bank

The used seeds come from an original genetics seed bank in EUROPE. This partner company is characterized by the highest quality.


4 different CANNABIS plant sizes

Organic starter Plug mindest 13cm high, firmly rooted, (Express - delivery, special transport-box)
Plant in a 8cm pot with organic soil, min. 20cm high. (Express delivery, special packaging)
Plant in a 16cm pot with organic soil approx. 35cm high. (delivery by arrangement)
Plant in a Ø28cm pot with organic soil approx. 45cm high. (delivery by arrangement)

Organic Cannabis cuttings offer

Siam Cuttings offer



Our Organic cuttings are grown in organic grow plugs. No Chemicals are used. All cuttings very healthy and are firmly rooted. 100% best quality.

SIAM-CUTTINGS Best rooted cuttings in special shipping box
SIAM-CUTTINGS special shipping box for organic Cannabis cuttings


For the best cuttings the best protection. Our special transport box guarantees the best protection for the express delivery.

SIAM-CUTTINGS Free express Delivery for cuttings

Organic Cannabis cuttings

When growing the hemp plants, the use of cuttings is recommended. These usually come from the same mother plant. They therefore have the same hereditary factors and enable uniform growth.

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Buying cuttings is a matter of trust.

SIAM-CUTTINGS has all the permits for the sale and cultivation of hemp products. (permits)



100% female

While female plants exhibit high levels of THC or CBD, male hemp plants do not. These do not produce flowers and contain only a small amount of THC. In addition, they can negatively affect the development of female plants. Accordingly, it is important that male plants are distinguished from female plants.

We at SIAM-CUTTINGS guarantee a 100% female species with premium quality.

Grow your own organic CANNABIS in just 4 steps


Use a female healthy organic cannabis cutting.
The growth phase can begin from a size of approx. 10cm-15cm.

SIAM-CUTTINGS | Organic healthy Cannabis cuttings
SIAM-CUTTINGS How to grow Cannabis Ganja optimal conditions
SIAM-CUTTINGS How to grow Cannabis Ganja optimal conditions

Growth phase

Plants need flowing dry air, fresh warm water and more nutrients – especially nitrogen. Let the plants grow for 2-8 weeks.

SIAM-CUTTINGS | Big organic Cannabis plant
SIAM-CUTTINGS How to grow Cannabis Ganja optimal conditions
SIAM-CUTTINGS How to grow Cannabis Ganja optimal conditions

Flowering phase

Gradually reduce exposure to light. Increase phosphorus and decrease nitrogen. After about 8 weeks (depending on the variety) the cannabis is ready.

Ganjabuds in flowering phase
SIAM-CUTTINGS How to grow Cannabis Ganja optimal conditions
SIAM-CUTTINGS How to grow Cannabis Ganja optimal conditions

Harvest and drying

Cut and dry the buds. The plant is mature when the buds turn from milky white to reddish-orange. Harvest when 70-90% of the pistils are brown. Drying time about 10-30 days.

SIAM-CUTTINGS Dry Cannabis Buds
SIAM-CUTTINGS How to grow Cannabis Ganja optimal conditions
SIAM-CUTTINGS How to grow Cannabis Ganja optimal conditions


SIAM-CUTTINGS How to storage Cannabis Ganga Buds

The most important factors for storage: temperature, humidity, light.

As you can see, storing your valuable cannabis properly and keeping it fresh for a long time is not that complicated. Several factors affect the quality of your weed: temperature, humidity, and light. So you have to make sure that you store it dry, airtight and cool. Also protect it from sunlight as UV rays are harmful to cannabinoids. With the right method and with optimal storage conditions, the hemp can be kept for many years.

Storing cannabis in mason jars.

You can store your weed in mason jars. The most important thing is that you can seal the jar airtight and store it in a cool, dark place. The big advantage of storing in a glass is that there is a germ-free atmosphere and no aromas are lost through the material. In addition, the glass blocks harmful UV rays, which extremely reduce the quality of cannabis. Another plus point is the low odor emission, i.e. you don’t smell the weed as quickly when it is stored in the glass.

The basis for a healthy cuttings

100% organic
No harmful chemicals or other dangerous pesticides are used.
The basis for a healthy cutting is the substrate. We only use organic soil, fertilizer and the growing pots are organic.

European genetics
The seeds used come from an original genetics seed bank in EUROPE.
Many years of experience and the highest quality characterize this partner company.
Our high-quality mother plants have been carefully selected, only the best and strongest are selected for production.

Increased hygiene reduces the spread of bacteria and fungal spores that can damage cannabis roots, leaves and flowers. Ultimately, a clean grow area will benefit plant health and yield.

SIAM-CUTTINGS perfect Cannabis plant
SIAM-CUTTINGS Ganga in the growing phase

Types and variations

12 different strains
A large selection of different types. In our shop you will find original varieties such as (Orange Bud, Skunk, …) as well as Thai hybrid varieties (AK, Northern Light, … more Sativa or Indica, early or late bloomers. In addition to the extremely popular varieties AK , Bigger Bud, Northern Light, White Widow and many more, we also regularly select new delicacies (Girl Scout Cookies, New’s Haze, etc.)
The range is constantly being expanded. There are currently 12 high-quality varieties available.

3 different sizes
The cuttings have an approximate size of 7 to 15 cm, medium plants from 25 to 40 cm and large plants a height of at least 45 cm. Subject to deviations. Depending on availablity.

Unmixed varieties
All cuttings match the description 100%, guaranteed pure variety.

Best quality - homemade

Made in Thailand
Our company is located in the north east of Thailand. We offer you the best cutting quality from our own production. Only selected strains and their best genetics find their place with us. All cuttings are made on site, raised professionally and selected if necessary. Only the best cuttings of the highest quality leave the house.

More than 20 years of experience
More than 20 years of experience in the cultivation and propagation of plants, professional gardening knowledge and our boundless dedication to what we do were the basis of the founding of SIAM CUTTINGS. We are breeder, producer, wholesaler & retailer in one and therefore unique in Thailand. Our aim is to produce high-quality hemp cuttings in harmony with nature, without any chemical additives or additives.

Certificates and Permissions
Certified training courses and seminars on hemp (cannabis) have been completed by our employees. SIAM CUTTINGS has all the permits for the sale and cultivation of hemp products.

SIAM-CUTTINGS Female organic cannabis cuttings
SIAM-CUTTINGS | Big Cannabis Bud with purple leafs

Inspection and advice

Highest customer satisfaction
Highest customer satisfaction confirms our actions. In our grow shop we offer you selected hemp varieties as cuttings, hemp seeds, hemp fertilizer and various grow items to be able to cultivate healthy, vital plants in your home.

Visit and information
Hemp is a cultivated and medicinal plant that unfortunately still has too little acceptance. We work with this plant because we are convinced of their positive properties and their versatility. It is important to us to educate our customers in the best possible way – this not only applies to the current legal situation, but also to the history of one of the oldest cultivated plants of mankind!
The rearing rooms can be visited every Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

We have special packaging for delivery. The plants are completely protected by our special packaging, and thanks to express shipping, the cuttings reach you quickly, healthy and undamaged.

SIAM-CUTTINGS Free express Delivery for cuttings
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