BIOBIZZ Leaf coat


Protective layer formed by LeafCoat
If the plants are in an atmosphere that is too humid (above 28 degrees Celsius), they can lose a large amount of moisture through their leaves. By using LeafCoat, a natural rubber forms around the leaf, which prevents the plant from sweating excessively.

LeafCoat is not absorbed by the leaves and therefore does not affect the taste of the fruit

What is Leaf Coat?
Leaf·Coat is a ready-to-use product that strengthens plants and protects them from unwanted insects and harmful leaf fungi.

It is made from natural latex, originally designed to prevent evaporation. It creates a permeable, self-degrading barrier on the leaf that still allows air and light to pass through.

Why Leaf·Coat delivers better protection in all conditions
When the atmosphere becomes too hot and humid (above 28ºC), Leaf·Coat helps prevent the plant from losing too much water through evaporation. At the same time, the natural latex layer that forms around the leaves helps the plant breathe and prevents it from ‘sweating’. Then, when the temperature drops, for example in the winter months, Leaf Coat protects against the cold by maintaining the leaf temperature.

As an environmentally friendly alternative to pesticides, Leaf•Coat couldn’t be better or safer. Reducing the need for pesticides also saves money. Another advantage: In contrast to synthetic and toxic products, it has a pleasant smell and does not cause irritation. Since Leaf•Coat is not absorbed by the plants, it does not affect the taste of the fruit.

There is no need to mix Leaf Coat with water – simply pour it straight from the bottle, preferably from a sprayer. Spray all over the leaves and flowers and repeat about twice a week until two weeks before the end of the flowering period.

Within a few hours after application, a very thin elastic layer forms on the leaves – 1.5 micrometers thick. Its beneficial effects last up to two weeks until it is naturally broken down by light or sunlight.

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